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Why Choose Trade over Retail Paints

Retail paint, the type you'll find in places like B&Q or Homebase, is made for the DIY market. The paint is of a lower quality, made from cheaper materials and sold to people who don't really know the difference. Trade paint, the type you find at trade counters, is made for the professional decorator.

At The Stripey Oss, we have both choices but our products are generally 80% of the trade materials and we carry a small selection of retail options. 

In many cases the cost of Trade option is equivalent or cheaper than what you will pay from one of the big retail suppliers.

why not check out what The Decorators Forum has to say (link below),made%20for%20the%20professional%20decorator.

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About Us


with a background in the Decorating Industry for the last 30 years, We provide options and advice for your Decorating needs. 

And to add to this and provide something different in the local area than what was presently on offer, incorporating the Home Décor side

And also bringing products produced by local People, Artists and budding Entrepreneurs to the Community

We also carry a range of Incense products from Ornaments to wasx melts, incense sticks and more. 

Giving you, all you will need for that room makeover 

Paints, Decor and Scents 

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